Improve Your Home Air-Crawlspace Return Duct

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Watch the video below to see how you can improve the quality of air in your home by sealing gaps and holes in the crawl space return air duct system.

We are going inside a crawl space to look at where a return duct is routed through the floor, and how this area affects the quality of air inside your home.

The return duct is routed through a hole in the floor between floor joists. Wood blocking or sometimes sheet metal are used to frame the hole. that is blocked on formed with wood. Either of these are common practice in construction.

Air from inside your home is being routed into this duct and sent back to your heating and cooling equipment to be heated or cooled and then returned into your home.

This wood blocking does not fit perfectly and you can see that there are gaps.The dark areas at these gaps represent an accumulation of dirt and dust that has been drawn by the heating and air conditioning blower motor
into the return duct system from your crawl space.

Let’s think about what’s happening. The air from inside your home that has just passed through the air filter, the filter that you’re changing every couple of months…that air is now being mixed with dirty and dusty air from your crawlspace. This dirty, dusty air is then being sent through your expensive heating and cooling equipment before returning back into your home.

In addition to the gaps at the wood blocking, you’ll notice that this flat sheet metal piece does not fit tightly to the wood blocking. This is another area
where dirt and dust can be drawn into the return duct.

The solution to improve the quality of air in your home is to seal all these gaps and holes. As you can see from this photograph, the gaps have been sealed preventing dirt and dust from entering the duct system.

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