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3 Reasons for Home Buyers to Check for Unpermitted House Additions Prior to Purchase

Buying a house with an unpermitted addition could be a costly mistake. The square footage noted in the MLS listing may exceed the square footage on jurisdictional (city/county) tax records. While exact matches are unlikely, discrepancies of hundreds of square feet may signify an unpermitted addition. Many alterations to houses such as adding a deck […]

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Radon Mitigation System – Concrete Slab Foundation

For an overview of a radon mitigation system for a concrete slab foundation, watch the video below: A hole has been drilled through the concrete slab in a closet. Piping for a radon mitigation system has been extended from the hole out through the side of the house. A fan has been mounted on the […]

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Improve Your Home Air-Crawlspace Return Duct

Watch the video below to see how you can improve the quality of air in your home by sealing gaps and holes in the crawl space return air duct system. We are going inside a crawl space to look at where a return duct is routed through the floor, and how this area affects the […]

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Dampers in Air Ducts Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

Dampers can be installed and adjusted in your heating and air conditioning air ducts to control the flow of warm or cool air to rooms in your home and make you feel more comfortable. The dampers can be opened or closed in varying degrees. Dampers can also balance air flow for your entire house. Contact […]

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An Overview: Your Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

Heating and air conditioning equipment is often located in the crawl space of homes. Heating and air conditioning equipment consists of return ducts where air is drawn from the house through the return ducts to the return plenum that is attached to the furnace. An air conditioner evaporator is located adjacent to the furnace. The […]

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