An Overview: Your Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

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Heating and air conditioning equipment is often located in the crawl space of homes. Heating and air conditioning equipment consists of return ducts where air is drawn from the house through the return ducts to the return plenum that is attached to the furnace. An air conditioner evaporator is located adjacent to the furnace. The evaporator has refrigerant lines to supply that run to a compressor located outside of the structure of the house. The air conditioner also has a condensate drain line that allows condensation to drain away from the equipment to the exterior of the house. Supply ducts run from this point to each room of the house serviced by this equipment. As you can see, the air has made a complete loop from the house through the equipment to be heated or cooled and back into the house. Take a look at this video to see the various components of a heating and air conditioning system.

Your heating and air conditioning equipment is critical to the comfort, the quality of air, and the energy efficiency of your home. Contact Nipper Home Solutions to help improve the comfort and quality of air in your home as well as helping you save money on your power bills.

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