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At Nipper Home Solutions, the expert in whole house solutions for your home, we believe it is essential for houses to be considered as an integrated environment, with all their components and systems functioning smoothly together. Since you and your family spend much of your time in your home, the quality of life you experience is determined by how well your house operates as a system.

Our company provides you with a reliable, thorough, and professional source of information about your home, likely the largest investment you have ever made. We are experts at evaluating your home and problem-solving. We have expertise and skill in the areas of home inspection, radon testing, radon mitigation, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, moisture issues, and can provide you with healthy house environmental solutions to common everyday problems.

We are focused on preventing problems and solving problems that have been created in your home. That involves examining the possible effects on all house components and systems before making any repairs or improvements. When our customers come to us with a problem, we want to truly solve it by determining why the problem developed in the first place. By taking this approach, Nipper Home Solutions has been rewarded with loyal customers who have sought out our expertise repeatedly over the years.

Whatever your need or concern, we welcome you and look forward to you joining our family of customers.